At INTERGALACTIC there are no masters, only guides.

Meet the INTERGALACTIC team - here to help you work on the Good Life.

James Kostecka

Aiming to turn every moment into an opportunity for excellence.

Gerry Castellino


Saravanaraj Velusamy (Raj)

Fail. Learn. Fail Better. Repeat.

John Knighton

“Stoicism puts it in perspective.” 

Justin Kitchen   

  "Nature does not bestow virtue: becoming good is a skill" (Letters 90.44) 

John Fiegel

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius 


'Confucius once said, "We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one."  I am on my second life. Travel with me for a bit if you're on your second as well.' 

Wyn Robertson III

Prefect Emeritus

Raghav Kumar

"Consider that men will do the same things even though you would burst with rage." - Marcus Aurelius



Prefects are volunteers who help administer the curriculum. INTERGALACTIC isn’t ‘teaching’ anything, rather the student is teaching themself and the prefects are merely assisting with the process.


Upon assent to the position the candidate affirms their dedication to the pursuit of


It is expected that among the Prefects there will be at least two in attendance at each monthly discussion.

The job of the team lead is not to test anything other than if it is reasonably likely that the student did read those parts of the text claimed. The prefect never has to deny a student outright, but may refer questionable cases to a Headmaster.

**Note: the goal is to encourage ANY reading of the text and so someone should really have to try in order not to pass the review.

Upon a successful review, the Prefect reports the progress and the achievement is noted on the master spreadsheet. Once all four milestones for the given text have been signed, the reader will be able to move on to the next text if so desired.   The achievement will be recorded and a certificate issued at the end of term celebration.

Other Opportunities

Intergalactic is a 100% volunteer organization and we're always looking for talent.   If you have the time to volunteer in support of the mission and have ideas to promote it, we'll do our best to make it happen.

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