The School works to develop a sense of community and shared purpose around the ideas of reason, virtue and creating the best lives possible. Membership in the community is open to those who sign up for the reading program as well as those who are just interested in the philosophy and meeting other Stoics. To join, click on the subscribe button below and you'll receive the monthly newsletter with philosophical insights as well as information on upcoming opportunities and events.

For those who sign-up for the Reading Program, there will be a study group to help you on your journey. Each reader is assigned to one of the four study groups which are represented by one of the cardinal virtues: Wisdom, Courage, Temperance and Justice (see crest below).

The Phoenix is the Symbol for the School as a whole.

Wisdom - Group Symbol: Owl

Courage - Group Symbol: Wombat

Temperance - Group Symbol: Tortoise

Justice - Group Symbol: Wolf

The school motto is Latin for "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good."

The Intergalactic Stoic School is hosted by the Fremont Stoics:

This is the Fremont chapter of the globally connected Stoic Fellowship. The mission of the Stoic Fellowship is to help build, foster, and connect Stoic communities worldwide.

A Shared Symbol

The Olympian Shield

Mount Olympus was the home of the Greek gods and a symbol of strength and reverence. In this symbol, Mount Olympus is in the shape of the capital Greek letter Lambda (Λ) which adorned the shields of ancient Sparta. For the Spartans it represented Lacedaemon their geographic home. It was first adopted in the 420s BC, and quickly became a widely known Spartan symbol. Military families passed on their shields to each generation as family heirlooms.

For us, this shield doesn’t only represent the philosophical heritage of ancient Greece. The lambda stands for Logos: the nature and order of the universe; it also stands for Liberty, the freedom that lies just beyond the threshold of philosophy; and Light, that through our embodiment of Stoic principles we become a quiet example shining in the world.

Lambda is also the first letter for each of the three drives of nature: to Live, Learn and Love; and when viewed from above the lambda becomes a “V” revealing our aim for Virtue and Veritas. The circle in which it resides represents the whole interconnected universe that we are a part of. This symbol embodies the principles of the philosophy, the inner strength that those principles bestow, and the fellowship of all rational beings.

The Olympian Shield represents our intellectual Greek heritage, the universe we are a part of, and the ideals we strive for as Stoics

The School Calendar

The School Term begins March 1st and runs through October 31st, per the season of activity. (See below) During the entire year, the school community will use this Stoic calendar to highlight concepts and practices as well as to enjoy fellowship.