Stoic Reading Guides (RGs) are volunteers who help administer the curriculum. INTERGALACTIC isn’t ‘teaching’ anything, rather the student is teaching themself and RGs are merely assisting with the process.


  • Must be a member or leader of a Stoa for at least one calendar year
  • Be somewhat familiar with the principles of Stoicism and its authors
  • A preferred, though not required, qualification is completion of the Stoic Essential Studies course from the College of Stoic Philosophers

Upon assent to the position the candidate affirms their dedication to the pursuit of

  • Wisdom
  • Virtue
  • and pledges to share their knowledge of Stoic wisdom with those who ask


It is expected that among the Reading Guides there will be at least two in attendance at each monthly discussion.

The job of the RG is not to test anything other than if it is reasonably likely that the student did read those parts of the text claimed. The RG never has to deny a student outright, but may refer questionable cases to a Headmaster.

**Note: the goal is to encourage ANY reading of the text and so someone should really have to try in order not to pass the review.

Each student will have a notecard in a small box. Upon a successful review, the RG finds the notecard and signs-off. Once all four milestones for the given text have been signed, the school will issue a pdf certificate and the achievement will be recorded on the school’s master spreadsheet.

RGs will also be part of one of the community groups. See below.


The School works to develop a sense of community and shared purpose. Students and Reading Guides will be placed into four groups relating to the four cardinal virtues: Wisdom, Courage, Temperance and Justice (see crest).

These community groups will be developed further in the 2020 term.

Wisdom - House Symbol: Owl

Courage - House Symbol: Wombat

Temperance - House Symbol: Tortoise

Justice - House Symbol: Canine

The Phoenix is the Symbol for the School as a whole.

Other Opportunities

Intergalactic is a 100% volunteer organization and we're always looking for talent. If you have the time to volunteer in support of the mission, we'll do our best to make it happen.

To Inquire, contact: Intergalactic.Stoic.School@gmail.com